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December 24, 1947

This piece of fiction represents a continuation of a story I began last year and am now turning into a novel. It was presented on stage by Vermont Stage Company Dec. 12–16, 2018. This piece represents a big shift from “Ten Days of Winter, 1892” — I decided to move the whole story up 55 years in order to incorporate some of my own life experiences into the larger tale. As a friend told me when I was debating the decision, “All your old characters can be ancestors.” Perfect. I also changed the name of the town to Pinkham, a fictionalized location. The 17-year-old Carrie in Ten Days is now the 72-year-old patient in this story. I’d love reactions, advice, suggestions. This is one of many character sketches I have done, am doing. I begin the novel in earnest in the spring.

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Ten Days of Winter, 1892

I wrote this piece of fiction for Vermont Stage Company and its 7-performance show, Winter Tales, Dec. 6-10, 2017 at FlynnSpace in Burlington, VT.  It consists of a small glimpse of the life of a young woman living in rural Vermont in 1892.

The story grew out of a real journal I was given in 1999 and subsequent research I conducted on life and conditions in 1892 in Northeast Kingdom, Vermont, which is, to this day, one of the most rural locations on the East Coast. This 3,100 word piece represents a small slice of a large novel that has been growing in my brain.

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