#3 — Vantage Point


Have you ever noticed, in life, no matter where you are, if you are paying attention, you will come around a corner, look up from a book, exit a building, walk out of the woods and you'll see something breathtaking be it small or large, or close up or far away. Camels Hump, Vermont, late afternoon, Oct. 26, while stopping by the farm to get a gallon of raw milk ... 

#2 — Snow


There's a moment in Vermont where fall bleeds into winter, more like a gash than a slow wound, a time when the leaves have shed, the perpetual gray sky has moved in and the chill really means it. I have difficulty adjusting. Looking out the window shortly after dawn, I see, to my horror, that it is snowing. My horror centers on the uncovered lettuce and chard and parsley and basil. Old sheets collected, I fly out of the house to cover them and realize, oh silly me, I am barefoot.

#1 — Struggle


An unlikely spot for teen meltdown: A county fair oxen pull.

She was mayber 16 with a slender build, the young girl led her oxen team out into the ring, her father behind holding hitching rope.

She was struggling -- first from nervousness, then from embarrassment -- to get the team to mind. She swatted, yelled, pushed; the oxen grew more annoyed. Two unsuccessful pulls on the sled, loaded with about 1500 pounds. The oxen, the girl, grew more frenetic.

Suddenly, she yelled: "I KNOW, DAD."

The 3rd time, they pulled the distance. It was still a light load.

Outside the ring, the father said softly: "You have to get them to want to pull."

At the next round, she withdrew.

65-something — The beginning

65-something — The beginning

I stepped down from my fulltime (more than fulltime) job in July.

Mostly I’m wandering around the inside my brain trying to figure out how to adjust, how to find new purpose, how to, as one YWP youth told me, “focus on making yourself happy.”

This is the first of many posts about what this change in life is like, and what I’m doing about it.

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This was created as part of a Networked Narratives challenge to tell a story, digitally, about an object on your keychain. Here you go. And a caveat. I kind of think this is cheating. This is an oral story that uses digital technolgy to record and share. If I had any chops at all, I'd remix this. But, well, I guess "if" says it all. And I also don't have a lot of time.