As I shift gears to the next adventure, I find I take greatest solace in intentionally slowing down, in embracing aloneness and in looking, closely, at all that is around me. I intend to post a monthly slideshow of what I see most immediate to me — nature. This can be my yard, the mountains, our gardens, iconic events, new explorations. I don’t know what.

This month, I look around my yard which is 4 acres surrounded by woods in northern Vermont. We have lived here for 20 years, the longest time I’ve ever spent in one place. We have cleared paths in the woods and turned much of it into flower (and vegetable) gardens. It is truly our home; it is where my kids grew up. It is where I grew, too.

So this month, September, I look at the flowers. I’ve taken all these at the end of the month to show how September is a month of change, when the most hardy flowers hang on to the last few days of summer, to the last few days before the first frost. To me, the colors are more vibrant because of all that is going dormant around these hardy plants.

County Fairs - Oxen Pull

There is something compelling about a team of enormous oxen that can with sometimes gentle, sometimes sharp direction, pull a sled of 5,000, 10,000, 12,000 pounds. Some of the teams are used in the winter time to pull logs out of the woods — a practice that’s much easier on the forest and the loggers’ budgets.

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