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Wall Hanging, detail, Lillian Roberts-Gevalt, 2013

The purpose of "On Writing" is to take a different approach to my work: To write short, to use an image or piece of multi-media, to focus on one point. I want to look at design, how something looks or feels or works and how that affects the formation of ideas or creative decision making or the way a final piece turns out.

I will look at it from a variety of perspectives -- the writer, the student, the teacher, the reader -- and will spend much of my time examining writing in digital spaces.

I will try also do what I think I do best, tell stories. So here's one:

My friend Bill was one of the best writers I worked with. He wrote a column on city life, mostly on the humor within little moments, behind every soul -- sometimes visible and sometimes not. Bill appreciates people.

He once told me, "Writing is easy. Really. You just write one sentence at a time and relate it to the previous. So the second sentence relates to the first, and the third to the second, and so on.

"The hard part," he said, "is finding that first sentence."