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How things can happen in high school

So this story will make you happy.

It began with an assignment. Students at Burr & Burton Academy were asked to undertake a project and two students decided to write a poem. Together. One took one angle, the other took another angle and then they merged what they wrote into one poem.

Then they decided to do more with it. After all, who would think that a poem (unless, of course, your name was William Blake or Walt Whitman or Emily Dickinson) would be a project? So they went to a classmate. In digital media class. Who went to another classmate. A dancer. And another who plays music. And then they went to a substitute teacher whose voice, whose gravely, textured voice, they loved.

And so they did this. Collaborative. Creative. Motivated by a desire to express and do something of quality. I had the privilege of meeting them all last week. And honoring their work. What do you think?