Digital Wowser!

I had the privilege of speaking on a panel of Vermont digital educators at the Woodstock Digital Media Festival.

Before our panel, we were treated to a presentation by three people extremely well-versed in storytelling, data mining and crowd-sourcing, respectively Wesley Lindamood of NPR, Stuart Lynn of and Yasser Ansari of

I have to say that these guys must have gone out for a three-shot espresso before they got up. I could barely keep up with all the ideas and links they were presenting. So fast. But so fascinating.

Like the idea that NPR has been able to raise $590,000+ for its T-Shirt project, a Project Money reporting effort to track a t-shirt from the ground to your back. And the zooniverse effort to catalogue galaxies and, in the process, discover new starts and planets. And Project Noah's two-year life of redefining environmental awareness and action through wildlife identificaton.

Here are some links they provided to get us thinking about different ways to tell stories, to involve strangers in a worthy project for the mere satisfaction of contributing to something they value and using the Internet to expand knowledge. Some of these links are, simply, cool. Have fun:  

Wesley Lindamood: (this interacts with your Facebook account and puts you and your pictures into a story.)


stuart lynn:

Yasser Ansari: