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Watch this. All of it.

What I love about digital writing is how one idea can lead to another and another...

In her comment on my previous post, Barbara Ganley talks about slowing down, of spending more focused time with an exercise, a thought, an idea. So. Here is something that does just that. Please hang with it. Jaga N.A. Argentum is an intriguing, talented artist from Amsterdam. See what he's created.

When I first saw this, something in my brain snapped, as in WOW! t first I wanted to turn away, to do something else. I was impatient with it. I found the jumble of letters annoying as one line from the same character faded out while another faded in right on top of it. Then I realized I was becoming intrigued, that my eyes were racing to unravel the jumble of letters and that, in so doing, I was more focused. The words, when clear, had more impact.

Design added meaning.

It was a slow motion dialogue. Improv theater on quaaludes. And it sucked me in as I imagined the two characters speaking. I imagined their voices.


How was it done? I asked Jaga and was very surprised: Power Point.