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Digital Community - 4 The Community Leaders dive in

Well the email has gone out inviting some 17 brave souls from around the world (yes, literally, one from Australia and one from New Zealand; Canada, England and Ireland also represented) to jump into yapnet.org to poke around, share, comment and respond to some exercises or challenges to get people to think about how to build this community — how it’s defined, how will we maintain and grow it and what we want to get from it. Little things. :) Most are, or will be, the site’s Community Leaders, though I imagine we’ll be putting out the call for others.

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Digital Community - 3 It Lives! Next Steps

Well, the site is up and working — needs a few tweaks before we can get started — but now comes the challenging part, building a community. It’ll take some Community Leaders. Are you interested? Can you commit a little time and energy? Would you benefit from a space that offered you feedback and support on your projects? If so, please let me know who you are so I can get you to create an account, poke around and offer some ideas on how we can make this happen. Go here: https://geoffreygevalt/contact. THANKS!

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Writing is easy

I first wrote this post in 2013. The purpose of this section of my site remains the same:

The purpose of “On Writing” is to take a different approach to my work: To write short, to use an image or piece of multi-media, to focus on one point. I want to look at design, how something looks or feels or works and how that affects the formation of ideas or creative decision making or the way a final piece turns out.

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